One Goal You Want to Accomplish In Life

One Goal You Want to Accomplish In Life

Do you want to know what one goal you want to accomplish in life? Life is really uncertain and you never know what turn it will take. I do not know if anyone actually knew about how COVID-19 will affect their lives and will limit their choices in life. But as we are witnessing it today, it is almost over 10 months since the World is in lockdowns, and vaccines are just rolling in to help bring back the world to normal.

In such an uncertain world, how anyone is going to to pursue a goal. How can someone actually go on and plan for future when things are really uncertain.

Considering the whole uncertainty, if you want to know one goal you want to accomplish in life, I would say, let’s chase happiness.

Why It is Important To Focus on Just One Goal

While reading the book ” The One Thing” I realized the importance of focusing on just one thing in your life and continuing to refine and improve the same over the period of time.

It makes a lot of sense if you narrow down your choices and goals in life so that you do not loose the effort and the energy on things which ultimately will not matter much in your life.

Right when I was in college, I had a lot of things on my mind to do. I wanted to pass every professional exam related to my field and wanted to try my hand at everything I could imagine.

But gradually I realized that by focusing on too many things in my life, I was actually going nowhere. I was like wandering in a field with no end or boundary. I realized that if you focus on too many things, you end up getting nothing in the end.

Gradually, I realized how important it is to just narrow down things and focus on only one or two things to properly do things which produce most results.

Narrowing down my choices also offered me an insight into what is actually essential and what i need to discard.

It happens a lot of time that we focus our energies and time on things which do not provide the direct value for our lives. The results of such activities or goals are not directly linked to our happiness.

One Goal You Want to Accomplish In Life

Required Energy to Pursue One Goal

I must admit that I lose my interest in things easily. For me to do something sustainably and over the long period is simply impossible.

Simply put, I am not able to focus on repeating same thing everyday. It is hard for me.

But the mastery comes from focus on very few things and repeating the actions so many times that these activities become normal to you. The outcome of these activities will become normal also and you never feel that things which were seemingly difficult are actually difficult.

To pursue one goal, you need a lot of energy and focus on the one goal. But to do that you need to balance your energy and mood also. There comes a time when we are not getting the desired results that we start to procrastinate and abandon doing things.

If you wish to pursue one goal, you need to learn how to manage your energy also.

Happiness as my one goal

Though chasing one goal may be borning and repetitive, but at personal level, for me, chasing happiness will never be a boring task.

In all my life, if there is anything which I cherish most, it is happiness. Happiness provides me the right mindset and the approach towards life which attracts more success.

The more happier you are the more effective you will be in accomplishing different tasks of life. Chasing happiness makes all other goals easier to achieve.

But happiness can have different meanings for everyone. It is more of a subjective thing for many of us.

To avoid this subjectivity, you can replace the happiness with joy. Joy has more universal connotations and is more generic in nature. Chasing happiness or chasing joy becomes all the same when the goal is to focus on improving yourself and deriving the joy and excitment out of everything you pursue in life.

Overall, focusing on happiness provides me a bigger reason to enjoy other aspects of life as well. I wanted to do things which made me happy so I became more selective in what I do.

I only picked activities which offered me greater joy and purpose and willingly discarded things which were not offering me any sort of happiness or joy.

SO focusing on goal offers you a much needed energy and direction to pursue something worthwhile.

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I am Adnan- Founder of Tiny Rumi. This blog is an effort to share my journey to live a more satisfying life and to help others find the wisdom to improve their experience.

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