How To Live With Someone Who Is Never Happy?

How To Live With Someone Who Is Never Happy

It’s not always easy to live with someone who is never happy. They’re constantly complaining about the weather, traffic, their job, and anything else they can find to complain about. It’s hard to be around them all the time because it makes you feel like crap too! So, in this post, I will be sharing with you my tips on how to live with someone who is never happy.

We all want to have a happy life. But someone who is always down, even when things are going well for you can make it difficult. In the first place, happiness is subjective and what makes one person feel complete might not make another person feel that way. It’s possible living with this type of person will wear on you psychologically or emotionally over time until it starts affecting your own happiness levels too.

I’m sure you have felt the frustration of trying to live with someone who is never happy. It seems like they always find something wrong, and just can’t seem to get past it. Whether it is with your job or how you are raising your children, there’s always something that needs to be fixed. But living in this kind of environment day in and day out isn’t healthy for anyone involved!

Finances, friends and family are all factors that can affect happiness. But it’s possible for couples to live together without sacrificing their own happiness–and there are ways to make your partner happier too!

If you have a partner in life whom you love very much, then having them around can bring immense joy into your life even if they are always unhappy. That said, there may be other reasons behind their unhappiness; such as stress from work or family issues which need to be addressed head on before any progress can be made.

I’m here today to share some of my tips on how you can live in a home with someone who is never happy without hating your life every day.

How To Live With Someone Who Is Never Happy

How To Live With Someone Who Is Never Happy?

There is nothing more frustrating than living with someone who never seems to be happy. It feels like they always find something to complain about, and you don’t know what else you can do that will make them feel better. When this happens it’s important not only for your happiness but also their own happiness in order to address the issue head-on instead of fighting against it or ignoring how unhappy they are all day long.

The first step towards addressing these complaints is understanding where they’re coming from. You may need to ask questions about why they’re feeling so low by inquiring about what has been going on lately or if there have been any changes in work or life that might lead to a lot of stress at home as well.

There’s an old saying that goes, “the recipe for happiness is different in every home.” In my experience, there are some universal factors of happiness. Here are seven important things you can do to help cultivate your own personal sense of well being and possibly even inspire it in others around you.

  • Set up a schedule to make sure you are both happy. You’ll need to come together and work out some compromises, but it is worth the effort!
  • Have conversations about what’s bothering your difficult person. It can be hard for someone who has never been vulnerable before, but they will eventually open up if you’re patient with them.
  • If there really isn’t anything that needs fixing and this just seems like an emotional issue then tries therapy or counselling to help them find happiness in their own life again. Don’t forget: This may not be something you have control over so don’t take responsibility as being the one who always “fixes” everything because sometimes we all need time off from our problems too!
  • Talk about what makes them unhappy in life – maybe it’s their job or something else that affects happiness at home too.
  • Take care of yourself first – remember things like eating healthy food, exercising regularly
  • Give them space – You might think they should be happy with you 24/seven but this isn’t how everyone operates. If your spouse.
  • Try not to take their mood as your own – they may be in a bad place that has nothing to do


It’s hard to live with someone who is never happy. If you feel that your partner, roommate or family member has a negative attitude and enjoys making other people around them miserable too, then it may be time for some tough love. You can’t change how they are feeling but you can help make their life better by following these above steps. The first step is to develop empathy towards the person in question; try not to take any of what they say personally because this will only cause resentment on both ends.


I am Adnan- Founder of Tiny Rumi. This blog is an effort to share my journey to live a more satisfying life and to help others find the wisdom to improve their experience.

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