How To Get Motivation To Clean Your Room?

How To Get Motivation To Clean Your Room

If you want to know how to get motivation to clean your room, I will share 7 tips to feel motivated and do the task effortlessly.

We all know it’s not easy to get ourselves motivated to clean our rooms. You could move all day long and then still find a spot that needs some TLC. The good news is, there are ways of getting yourself motivated!

The other day I was feeling really unmotivated to clean my room. In an effort to get myself motivated, I wrote down a list of all the reasons it’s worth it to clean your room.

It feels good to have a clean room and it makes it easier and faster to find things when you need them. Cleaning my room is also a way of taking care of myself and giving myself some time. A clean, organized space helps me feel more in control and means that I am less likely to procrastinate or forget things.

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Finally, I found this article on how important it is for me to get out of bed and start my day. The article reminded me that the more time I spend procrastinating, the less time I have to do productive things.

I found it helpful to write down these reasons because they were something concrete that I could refer back to whenever I lost motivation again.

Do you ever feel unmotivated to clean your room? What are some tricks you use to get motivated again? The next section will be filled with some of the comments I got.

How To Get Motivation To Clean Your Room?

Here are 7 of them-make sure you try out at least one the next time you’re feeling unmotivated.

Create a list of things that motivate you:

What do you find most motivating? Is it money, recognition, helping others? Write down your top five motivators and keep this list handy when trying to stay on task.

Creating a list is also important because you can use it to write down your goals. One of our top five motivators may be the need to make more money. That could be one of your goals for the year.

Focusing on what you will gain:  

Are there any gains that you’ll make if you stick to your goals? Can you save time, money, energy, or space? Focusing on rewards is important because it reminds you of the bigger picture. Can’t think of any gains? Well, maybe your room will become more welcoming to people who visit.

Remind yourself why it’s important:

What’s the importance of your goals? Do you really want to clean up? Or is there a reason that motivates you to stay focused on the task? It is also important to note that motivation varies over time. For instance, your motivation to become a doctor may have been strong in high school, but now that you are almost finished with college it may have diminished some.

Set reminders to help you stay on track:

If your room is a mess right now, set up a daily reminder on your phone to charge it! You can also set up an alarm for when you should be doing homework.

Get in touch with your inner child:

When we were kids we didn’t have any responsibilities or deadlines so we had plenty of time for play and creativity. Why not tap into that inner child and get your hands dirty with some arts and crafts? Give yourself some time to play around with crayons, glue sticks, pens, paint…the possibilities are endless!

Set a time limit:

If you have a large task ahead of you it can be very demotivating, so break it up into smaller chunks. For example, if you have a whole room to clean then set a timer for 20 minutes and work as hard as you can for that time period. After the time is up give yourself a 5-minute break before continuing with another 20-minute session.

How To Get Motivation To Clean Your Room

Find someone to help motivate you:

No one can stay motivated for too long by themselves, so why not team up with a friend and set yourself some joint goals. For example, you could both agree to clean your rooms at the same time or take turns in doing each other’s chores!

Set small daily goals:

If you want to get motivated it doesn’t always have to be about big tasks. Even if you just get yourself motivated to pick up one or two items a day then that’s still making some progress!

How can I get motivated to clean?

Motivation is often the key to getting the job done, and cleaning your room may be no exception. The trick is in figuring out how to get motivated. Here are 5 ways that will help:

1) Think about what you might do if you didn’t clean your room-perhaps it’s finding something dirty when you’re getting ready for school in the morning, or it’s realizing that Mom and Dad think you’re a slob. When we fear the consequences of not doing something, we usually become motivated to complete it.

2) Cleaning your room will free up some time-time that could be spent on other things like practising the piano or playing video games with friends. And when we finish a task, we usually want to relax or have fun. Think about this before you begin to clean your room so it will motivate you to finish the job.

3) Cleaning your room can be a blast! If you’re cleaning with a friend, talking and laughing while you work-it makes the time fly by quickly and then you’ll realize that most of the job is already done.

4) Get yourself in the right frame of mind to receive motivation-set aside time to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite type of movie or read a book that you really enjoy. Then, when it’s cleaning time, you’ll have lots of motivation!

5) Plan on spending about half an hour each day on your cleaning. That way, you can get to it quickly and then be done with it and have the rest of your day for fun!


If you’re having trouble getting motivated to clean your room, there are some things that might help! First of all, it’s important to remember why cleaning is so important and the consequences of not doing so. Next, break up tasks into smaller chunks and set reminders for yourself on your phone or alarm clock. If you need more motivation than this though-find someone else who wants to do the same thing as you (or team up with them!) Set small daily goals and plan out how much time each day will be dedicated to cleaning.

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